Our work together

I provide Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, but I do so from the perspective of a depth psychologist. I strongly believe in incorporating the unconscious into my work with clients. We do this through talk therapy, sandtray therapy, dreamwork, art therapy, and discussion of past experience and how it might be revealing itself in your life currently. I also work from a person-centered perspective, as I believe a strong relationship with a therapist is crucial to long-lasting healing.

In our work together, I will meet you where you are. From there we will work together to discover what your needs and goals are in the work that we will do. If relevant in our work together, I will also teach mindfulness, skills to manage emotions and endure crisis or distress, and skills to improve relationships with others.

Working together to build a life that incorporates soul and feels meaningful is significant in the depth aspect of the work I do with clients. It is important that we do not just treat symptoms but also discover why they are presenting themselves in your life and where they come from. And it is crucial that we discover together ways in which you can live a soulful and meaningful life. I am a big believer in needing to work through something to live beyond it. But that does not mean that you cannot learn coping skills along the way to help empower you and help you better manage your life.

Typically, in my first session with a new client, I begin with an intake. This allows me to gather information on your personal history and also helps us to collaborate on what you would like to achieve in therapy. After the intake session, usually the first 1 to 3 sessions, then we can begin our work together.

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