We cannot choose the life we are born into. We CAN try to work to move beyond the limitations of our past and create a better life, build something new. That is the potential power of therapeutic work. As the poet Mary Oliver once said, “Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Sometimes when we are struggling, what we really need is someone to be present while we experience parts of our selves and share thoughts and memories that we fear. And if that someone can show love and illuminate what we struggle to make sense of, then the work is unfolding. The healing is happening. I hope that I can be a part of that healing for you.

I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship. Connecting weekly with a therapist can model healthier relationships and healthy attachment and transform your life in powerful ways. I work with my client to develop a deeper understanding of his/her life and “symptoms” or “problems”, which helps lead to healing in a holistic manner. 

I also work with my client using somatic experience, a body-oriented modality that helps to heal trauma and stress disorders. 

My work blends dialectical behavior therapy with depth psychotherapy and somatic therapy. Learning how to manage emotions, live mindfully, improve relationships, and cope with difficult life moments is important. I also work with my client to find ways to bring soul back into ones life and to help create meaning and deeper understanding. 


With children and teens, depending on their age and needs, I do play therapy, sand tray, and art therapy. I also try to teach mindfulness and emotional regulation skills in a fun way. With teens I incorporate dream work into the therapy as well and work with them on improving social skills and asserting boundaries in relationships. 


With parents I often try to help provide the emotional support they might personally need, as well as teach parents skills they feel they might be lacking. I often focus on emotion regulation to help parents better cope with their own internal struggles so that they can be more present and calm when with their children. I also work often with parents, especially moms, who struggle with perinatal mood issues, such as postpartum depression or anxiety


I often work with the entire family to help improve the happiness and well being of the family system. It is important for a family to learn how to hear one another and better communicate and relate to each other. In my work with families I also will see clients within the system individually if needed and work with the family to learn how to enjoy spending quality time with one another again.


I am a big believer in talk therapy and the importance of connection, and I also like to help clients in the present by providing them with helpful coping skills, whether to manage daily stress, symptoms of trauma, or impulsive behaviors. I believe it is important to empower clients with skills that they can implement into their daily lives long after they have finished working with me as a therapist. I do mindfulness and sandtray and dreamwork with adults as well when the client finds it to be helpful.   


In my work with couples, as I get to know the couple and their needs, we will practice different exercises together. I work with my couples to learn from one another what each partner’s needs are and discover together how to meet those needs. We often work on how to improve communication and intimacy and deepen understanding between one another. Learning skills to manage emotions as an individual is important to improving your relationship as a couple. I also teach mindfulness skills with couples to help them learn to enjoy one another and be more present together. A couple that can learn to laugh together and enjoy one another can often have a successful relationship. I am also a Level 1 Gottman Practitioner. 


I am happy to provide telemedicine to clients who cannot travel to my office. We can discuss together whether teletherapy might be an appropriate fit for you.

Our Work Together

In our therapeutic sessions, we will work together to discover what your needs and goals are. If relevant in our work together, I will teach mindfulness, skills to manage emotions and endure crisis or distress, and skills to improve relationships with others.

Working together to build a life that incorporates soul and feels meaningful is significant in the depth aspect of the work I do with clients, as is self compassion. It is important that we do not just treat symptoms but also discover why they are presenting themselves in your life and where they come from. And it is crucial that we discover together ways in which you can live a soulful and meaningful life that brings you joy. I am a big believer in needing to work through something to live beyond it. But that does not mean that you cannot learn coping skills along the way to help empower you and help you better manage your life.

I provide Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and I do so from the perspective of a depth psychologist. I strongly believe in incorporating the unconscious into my work with clients. We do this through talk therapy, sandtray therapy, dreamwork, art, somatic work, and discussion of past experience and how it might be revealing itself in your life currently. I also work from a person-centered perspective, as I believe a strong relationship with a therapist is crucial to long-lasting healing.